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Why do apple leaves turn brown

Tell me what about the apple tree? At first the leaves were light green, now brown.

Have you missed them in any way?

The root system died

They planted it in the fall, it wintered well, it bloomed in the spring, and now it's a nightmare (

we had a flood. Water 80 cm stood a week ((((. Kurgan.

Got it. Idle last year so spoiled a young pear. I sprayed adult apple trees from any Byak and her for the company. The effect turned out, as in your photo.

the roots accidentally earthen rats did not eat up?

It seems like normal. Nearby is a large apple tree. Nothing sprayed.

Dig and check for the presence of Maybug larvae

The branches are green, only the leaves are darkened.

if the tree is sorry, then dig out the roots, replace the ground or plant in another place. Cut the leaves, treat the twigs themselves with chemistry. Shade and wait to take root or not