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Is it time to dive tomato seedlings

Tell me please. I was told that I was late with a picky tomato, is that true? I thought it was never too late to dive

Yes. Seedlings are great.

Thank you, so I will transplant some already.

Great seedlings. I wouldn’t even have transplanted yet - they’ll immediately go to growth. And even before landing in the ground, they must be stored somewhere. Then take it.

Seedlings are super. And with a dive wait, Julia dives a much larger one. Yes, and while you save the place.

Anechka, when did you plant a tomato? If immediately in the greenhouse, then not early. And if for the soil, it will outgrow. I live in Tolyatti and I only got tomatoes today.

Pah pah pah seedlings are excellent, but you need to plow the ground, otherwise it’s just a stake in all the jars.

I have about the same as in the first photo, I'm not diving yet, I'm afraid)

I planted February 12th. I’ll be planting in a greenhouse, but I don’t know when I will plant.

I have them of different sizes, although I planted them on the same day. It’s a bull’s heart, and the rest is cherry tomatoes.

And when did you sow them?

They have grown very well

Anya, you have wonderful seedlings) I would choose 2 ways) those that were repacked higher as Julia showed a little twisting of the stalk so that it would not stretch out) and that the snail grew less and filled up the earth) then you can immediately go to the greenhouse or garden)

So far, I have just plowed the earth.

We usually land on May 9 under arcs and covering material. But I don’t plant a tomato so early, it grows very much. Somewhere in the early days of March or at the very end of February, it is normal for me. Conveniently overgrown seedlings have come to Fedorovka from the New News.

What are you afraid of?

What doesn’t work out normally, I think in diapers or in the old fashioned way, I grow seedlings for the first time.

I, too, stretched out, it is necessary for Julia to look for a video of how she dives the elongated race.

I already looked, everything seems to be clear. Yes, and the land is over, you need to buy to go, so I think tomorrow I’ll take care, the benefit is only one snail for a dive, the rest are still not mature. Or is it better to just build up, in general I'm all in doubt)

Tatyana, I bought land in a fixed price. She was the best fit. I will carry seedlings from the Shluzovoy to the Gigue of the Sea, it is dangerous to carry on foot.

It’s hard only. It depends on what it will be. Pack in high boxes and do not break. If it will be very high, then lay it down. Last year I planted it like that and nothing, were with the harvest.

I buy land in the landlord and in the winter. 2 times cheaper than in spring. Weltorf for tomatoes and peppers. LLC is very happy with this land.

Do not be afraid to dive. Tomato is not afraid. She even pinch the root and grows. Only in the sun after a dive is not advisable.

thanks for the advice

Tell me where to buy veltorf? I'm from Samara, maybe they’re also selling here)

Only Julia said that pinching the root is strictly forbidden.

Please tell me what kind of spots appeared on the eggplant?

She made black tomatoes herself, she planted seedlings, planted them on March 12, the dates suggested in Victoria, coincided with the Yulins, all 30 were sprouted, today she poured the earth

And the taste. HONEY!

Maybe not :-) but I pinch it under the guidance of my mother-in-law. And nothing - survives.

In the store "Hostess" on the street Polyakova in Togliatti. In Samara, I don’t know which stores are for sale. I haven’t met anywhere else. Galina Staroseltseva (Magazine of Country Advice) also recommends it.

Although, on the other hand, the tomato root grows well.

Either the sun burned, or maybe a spider mite?

I have already dived mine, I have been doing this for many years. Everything is always wonderful

Smart seedlings you have! She looked out the window, saw a fresh snow there, sighed and decided not to rush! I am from Samara, even closer to you, I also worry that the spring is somewhere lost!

I decided this year not to rush. There is no normal greenhouse, but under a covering spanbond it is not necessary to grow. Last year, I planted early, so there were inconveniences with both transportation and landing in a lying position.

Yes, there’s a lot of trouble before you try your tomato! But it's worth it! In the "Host" were a cool store.

Yes, I also love the Master. There is everything for the home and garden. And for pensioners and discounts on the card. Is the earth still like that? Weltorf?

Tatyana, I haven’t been looking for such land, so I don’t know. But the choice is very large. I thought you were there more often! We accidentally got there, there we bought an incubator nearby, on the return to the store we looked and were stunned! The choice is large, the store is free, really liked it. I hung in the seeds there, and my husband managed to get around the whole store, barely brought me out of it, but with purchases!

Clear. Well, I’ll go for a walk. I live nearby.

Good luck