Spruce at the cottage - a bad omen

It is generally accepted that planting and growing spruce in a garden or cottage plot is a bad omen. Most often, such an interpretation of signs can be heard from the inhabitants of the villages. However, few of them are ready to explain why such a fairly widespread opinion is connected.

Superstition explanation of bad omens

Our ancestors sincerely believed that the spruce, which grows to human growth, can somehow mysteriously bring death to the residents of the house. It is likely that such an opinion about this coniferous tree was formed due to the fact that the spruce can ignite very quickly, and where there is a fire, there is grief.

However, despite the superstition and some prejudices prevailing from time immemorial in Russia, In our time, the cultivation of spruce or pine on a personal plot is quite common.

It should be noted that many bioenergy scientists are currently speculating that coniferous trees are capable of generating bad or negatively charged energy, the impact of which on humans is extremely negative.

Explanation of signs from a scientific point of view

According to most scientists, the sign has a completely scientific explanation. It was the solitary trees, which the spruce acted as, most often attracted lightning, for which they won the dislike of the inhabitants of wooden houses.

In addition, spruce trees have a very massive and dense crown, which could easily obscure the chimney. As a result, one could suffocate in a dream from carbon monoxide accumulated in the hut.

How to plant a spruce in a summer cottage

Currently, it is rare that private households are built of wood, which greatly reduces the likelihood of fire. In addition, stove heating is also very limited in use now.

Perhaps, in olden times, it was believed that spruce in the infield was unfortunate, it really paid off. However, today such a sign is difficult to consider justified, which means that the cultivation of spruce depends solely on the personal preferences of each homeowner, and the desire to give the landscape design a genuine Russian identity.