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What to do with rose and strawberry seedlings

Hello! Tell me, please, what to do? Rose and strawberry seedlings arrived just now. What should I do now, because it’s too late to plant now? Put in the cellar? We live in our home, Tatarstan.

Roses too, just cover for the winter and prepare good soil.

I live in the Urals. Got strawberries 5 days ago. I held the day in a stimulator (Zircon) and dropped it off. Watering daily (there was no rain). Already climbed a young leaf, so rooted! The nights are already cold. Marigolds tore off yesterday. She covered every bush of berries with a bush of marigolds. This will delay the first snow, protect it from the first frost until snow falls. Everything should normally winter. Roses have time too ... Good luck!

I agree, all the more they promise a warm October (Middle Volga, neighbors!)

Plant boldly, prepare a hole according to the rules, plant, pour with Ribav Extra solution or root and spud. And plant the berry.

Thanks a lot to everyone! I will plant)

roses calmly stand - 5, do not rush to wrap.

I don’t cover roses at all)

without shelter in the spring a lot of attacks. Sorry. Yes, and roses are now expensive. So for me it is better to make shelter.

plant the berries and mulch with compost and drip the roses and cover them with a 5 liter plastic bottle with the bottom cut off, fill the bottle with earth above it and leave it until spring, I’m rooting the roses I want

Tatyana, in your climate both roses and strawberries can take root. But if the material arrived is very expensive, then there is no need to take risks and it is best to place the plants in the prikop. Prikop will be standard for roses - laying seedlings almost parallel to the ground in a ditch. But for strawberries prikop is best suited by bunches, seedlings are laid “heart” just above the soil and mulched by dry mulch (peat, moss or shavings)