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What kind of black midges on tomatoes and how to deal with them

Please help me save my tomatoes, this weekend I found 2 adversities. The first is small black flies with transparent wings and some spots on the leaves. What is it and how to deal with it?


Hello You do not know how to deal with it ???

processing with any antifungal drugs. If you already have tomatoes, then biological products. There are a lot of them in stores.


And with midges what? They also appeared on mine. Sound please.

it's a winged aphid.

So the drug against aphids just right?


Marina, can you use antifungal and anti-aphid drugs at the same time?

Today I myself came across such leaves, the trouble is that when I cut the tops, I chopped it into a barrel and watered it. The sickest tomato, and it’s straightforward to see that the closer the sicker the neighbors I fucked up, straight with tomatoes and planted it on a bed of garlic, stuck garlic growing in its place. They handed out a handful of garlic, in a watering can I spread it with warm water and spilled all the tomatoes in a rain. The greenhouse nafig closed so that the smell of garlic does not go away. Tomorrow I will dry the greenhouse. This infection does not spread when humidity is less than 60%. All leaves with signs of sore scabies. Something like that. And God forbid to throw leaves with this infection on potatoes. All in FIRE.