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Should spathiphyllum have such pollen

I have only half a year of spathiphyllum, a friend gave me a dividend, as a whole, she feels well, even the second one is blooming, but the peduncle is one. Is it normal that he has such pollen? She falls on a leaf under a flower. Or is it something wrong?

Wonderful flower)

And for me it has not bloomed for a year ... How to save it?

This is pollen, everything is fine

Thanks! I am very glad!!!

maybe a little light? I have on the western side in diffused light and in a ceramic pot.

I also had a year without emotion !!! changed the place and voila! Bloomed! He also blooms when he sits in a tight pot, loves spraying and watering! The direct sun does not like.

transplanted into a large pot? I bought and first transplanted into a large pot, stopped flowering. I transplanted into a tiny one, there are a handful of land, so it bloomed even more than in the store took.

I sat in a large pot, now I transplanted it into a rectangular drawer, getting used to it again ... It also stands on the west side, but on sunny days I close the window with a newspaper

All right

The pollen is crumbling, everything is fine