Best days in 2019 for sowing seeds according to the lunar calendar

Starting in December, gardeners of our country are actively studying the lunar sowing calendars of 2018 in order to be able to plant vegetable and flower crops on time.

Sowing work depending on the zodiac sign

When the constellation moves through the sky, a rather serious impact on the basic growth processes and the development of all living things on earth, including any garden crops, is exerted. The most fertility is shown by the so-called female zodiac signs represented by Cancer, Taurus and Pisces. Under the sign of Scorpio, plants gain endurance and vitality.

The location of the moon in fertile signs allows for the planting and transplanting of any plants. This period, in addition to the Pisces sign, is also ideal for abundant irrigation events and the application of basic fertilizers.

Men's signs are least intended for sowing. It is advisable to root any bean culture, as well as decorative-climbing plants, in the sign of Libra. Under the same sign, moderate irrigation measures and fertilizing can be carried out. Under the sign of Gemini, the soil needs to be given a rest, and any plantings during this period will not bring the desired result.

The category of signs of medium fecundity include Aries and Sagittarius. On such days, there is absolutely no need to carry out a large amount of garden work. When the Moon passes the signs Leo and Aquarius, it is best to take measures aimed not at landing, but at combating weeds and pests.

Zodiac sign and garden events

In addition to fertility, each zodiac sign is characterized by patronage of certain plants, which must be taken into account when planning sowing and planting operations, as well as carrying out agrotechnical measures on a personal plot.

Zodiac sign

Crop recommendations


Planting measures should be postponed, and the main energy should be spent on weeding and combating plant parasites.


Any crops and planting during this period guarantee not only a high, but also a high-quality crop. It is better to plant greens and legumes on the growing moon, as well as plant asparagus and any cabbage. In the waning moon, the recommended landing of any root crops


Sowing work must be replaced by spraying and processing garden crops from pests and diseases, as well as weeding measures


On the growing moon, sowing works associated with moisture-loving cucumbers, zucchini, pepper, all kinds of cabbage and tomatoes are favorable. A good harvest will be given by leaf crops sown on this day, as well as planted berry bushes

a lion

Sowing work must be replaced by spraying and processing garden crops from pests and diseases, as well as weeding measures


The best result is obtained by weeding, hilling and loosening the soil, as well as forming and cutting. It is possible to carry out processing and spraying, but sowing work will not bring a high yield. On the growing moon, you can plant berries, flowering perennials and herbs


The period is favorable for diving seedlings of garden crops. In the growing moon phase, you can sow cucumbers, pumpkin, cabbage, zucchini and all types of legumes, as well as plant berries, seedlings of fruit plants, flowering perennials. On the waning moon, it is recommended to plant root crops and onions


A good result will give a dive of vegetable seedlings. In the phase of the growing moon, water-loving plants are sown, as well as eggplant, sweet pepper and green crops. In the waning moon, you can perform anti-aging pruning, plant root crops, garlic, onions, as well as bulbous ornamental crops


Planting measures are better to be postponed, and all the time and energy should be spent on weeding and combating plant parasites or diseases


The period is favorable for diving seedlings of garden crops, winter crops of flowering perennials, fruit and berry plants. In the waning moon, you can plant onions on turnips, root crops and bulbous ornamental crops. The phase of the growing moon is ideal for planting legumes, herbs, all kinds of cabbage.


Sowing work must be replaced by spraying and processing garden crops from pests and diseases, as well as weeding measures


On the growing moon you can plant eggplant, pumpkin, horseradish, tomatoes and cucumbers. During the waning moon phase, garden crops such as turnips, carrots and radishes are sown

2018 Lunar Seed Sowing Calendar

It is not at all difficult to independently determine the lunar phase. If the moon resembles half the letter "O" with horns to the right, then it is generally accepted that it decreases. The moon, similar to the letter "C", turned upside down, is called growing, and after a while the full moon will come. The absence of the moon is a new moon. Lunar small sickle - the light in the first quarter. The second, third and fourth quarters also differ depending on the size of the sickle. If the sky is a round moon ─ full moon.

The third and fourth quarters activate the underground or root part of the crops, therefore root crops were successful during this period. In the first and second quarters, the aboveground part of the plants develops better, so the so-called edible "tips" are planted. In order not to torture yourself with complex calculations, you can use the following, the most detailed lunar sowing calendar, which reflects the most favorable planting dates for each garden crop.

Culture / Month


2018 year


2018 year


2018 year


2018 year


2018 year

Chivesparsley,dill and salad

 6, 7,21-25

5, 6,19-23

6-8,20-24,26, 27









5, 619-23,25-27


6, 7,19-22,25, 26



    4, 19, 20,       22-27

           7, 8,          19-22,          24, 25

         5-7       20- 23,       25, 26

     5, 6-9,      17-22

Sweet pepper

18-20,26, 27

5, 6,19-22,24-26


5-8,19-22,24, 25

6-9,16, 19-22

Zucchini,squash, pumpkins 19-236, 7,22-246-919-255-8,16-21
Radish,radish, daikon  4-720-245, 7,20-26 5, 6,18-23
Potato andJerusalem artichoke- 7-921-255-9,19-244-6
Carrots and beets--5-719, 20,24-265-9,19-244, 6-8,17-20,22-24
Beanspeas and beans-19-235-820-246, 7,21-2516-21
Watermelon melon,-20-257-919-247, 8,19-258, 9,17-22
Onion -19-246-822-267, 8,20-24,27, 28 
Spring garlic--6, 7,23-285-8,20-25, 7-9,17-21,25, 26 
Cabbage-5, 6,19, 20,23-257-9,19-235-8,19-25 7-9,16-21,25, 26
Parsley Root-1, 2,18-21,23-255-8,20-265-821-26 5, 6,19-22,25, 26

If it is not possible to compare all national signs, and insufficient experience in home gardening and horticulture does not allow you to correctly determine the timing of sowing work, a lunar sowing calendar comes to the rescue, which will tell you the ideal time for agricultural work and will allow you to get a rich harvest of vegetables and fruits.

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